Our Why

Our why is to connect people to learn from one another so we can rise together as individuals and collectively on a social and economic level.

Our Values


We perform in a productive and efficient manner to achieve expected and measurable results.


We create opportunities to work and play together in meaningful ways.


We believe in being open to learn from each other.


We respect one another and take each other seriously as professionals.


We value, respect, embrace and support our differences.


We believe in making and leaving an impact. Based on this strong belief, our vision is to create successful businesses which have an impact on the life of entrepreneurs, especially women who will in turn help not just themselves, but also their families to flourish, their communities to prosper and the economy in their countries to grow.


We support entrepreneurs, especially women, by offering them guidance and mentorship so they can smoothly move forward with their ideas and businesses. We aim to inspire people to realize their potential and develop their businesses through coaching, training, mentoring, and connecting.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

There is no doubt that entrepreneurship is on the rise and its popularity even more so regardless of age, gender or experience. Entrepreneurs could be young, middle-aged, inexperienced or even seasoned individuals who are venturing on their own business paths in every imaginable sector.

For women entrepreneurs, however, the situation is slightly more difficult as certain social, economic and structural challenges still face them, including tough competition against their male counterparts, limited funding, minimal support and lack of education.

Every entrepreneur needs a mentor, especially female entrepreneurs in male-dominated leadership cultures. We believe that entrepreneurs can learn from their mentors’ mistakes and successes, share lessons from their experiences and offer their advice. Besides building a trusted and long-term relationship, mentors can also expand entrepreneurs’ social network by sharing their own network and sometimes going further by making connections.

The power of mentorship can make a difference in any entrepreneurial journey, which is why we provide the strengths of coaching, training and mentoring for entrepreneurs so they can succeed in their business journey.