Founder's Word

Reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey, I express a desire to have connected with mentors earlier in my life. Consequently, I established the Amali Mentorship Network. “Amali,” derived from the Arabic word “amal,” meaning hope, embodies the network’s mission to support women entrepreneurs. My goal is to guide them in taking the necessary steps toward successful self-employment, enabling them to reclaim their rights and freedoms while improving their livelihoods. Ultimately, this initiative contributes to the flourishing of families, the prosperity of communities, and the growth of economies.

Mission & Vision

We believe in making and leaving an impact. Based on this strong belief, our vision is to create successful businesses that have an impact on the lives of entrepreneurs, especially women who will in turn help not just themselves, but also their families to flourish, their communities to prosper, and the economy in their countries to grow.

We are on a mission to support entrepreneurs, especially women, by offering them guidance and mentorship so they can smoothly move forward with their ideas and businesses. We aim to inspire people to realize their potential and develop their businesses through coaching, training, mentoring, and connecting.

Core Values

We are dedicated individuals channeling our passion, commitment, and expertise into our work because ‘we believe’ in the power of mentorship. Each one of us is ‘inspired’ by our mission to guide and empower others, aiming to inspire every individual with the same dedication.

Executive Committee

Rasha Oudeh

Founder & Mentor

Rasha Oudeh is a serial pharmaceutical entrepreneur where her career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry began in 2007. She acquired CEDEM AG in Zurich, Switzerland in 2016 and became its CEO. She founded Amali Mentoring Network in 2019 where she mentors entrepreneurs in international business skills. Ms. Oudeh is a Frankfurt School of Finance & Management EMBA graduate.

Dr. Sabine von Oesterreich

Board Member & Mentor ​

Sabine von Oesterreich is the founder of a company under her name, where she provides support to investors over the growth of their startups. She has been working as a consultant and coach for managers and teams in well-known organizations, including numerous DAX companies since 2007. She mentors entrepreneurs on how to eliminate losses and disruptive factors. She received her MD from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

Marlène Corbun

Board Member & Mentor

Marlene Corbun owns her art consultancy business where she is advisor in the fields of modern, post-war and contemporary fine art in Geneva, Switzerland.
She mentors entrepreneurs on how to build and develop businesses, especially art collections. She holds a Master in Management from EM Lyon Business School in France and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Art History from The Courtauld Institute in London, UK.

HE Ramzi Nuzha

Board Member & Mentor ​

Yani Neugebauer is the founder of the consultancy business IHRE MARKTNISCHE in Frankfurt, Germany in 2007. She spent 15 years working in international finance institutions in Project Finance and in Investor Relations. She consults solopreneurs and start-ups over how to build knowledge-based businesses and become known and successful in their market niche. She studied Business and Administration in Munich, Germany and in Pau, France.

Program Outline

Amali Mentorship Program aims to empower women entrepreneurs by providing structured mentorship and support. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what the program exactly does:

By combining mentorship, skill development, community engagement, and a focus on holistic growth, Amali Mentorship Program provides a comprehensive and impactful experience for women entrepreneurs.


The Amali Mentorship Program is dedicated to enhancing economic opportunities for entrepreneurs through the establishment of a comprehensive mentoring program. For sustainability, we are committed to give back to the community. To achieve this, we provide free customized extensive mentoring services to entrepreneurs in their respective startups and businesses. Furthermore, we take immense pride in our accomplishments, having positively impacted the lives of over 30 entrepreneurs to date.

This achievement is further exemplified by our commitment to sponsor a mentee upon reaching a revenue milestone of CHF 500K.

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