Startups Expert

Advisor, Interim Executive, or Advisory Board Member for Startups

As a seasoned professional with over 22 years of experience as a serial pharmaceutical entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, and trader, as well as a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Leadership from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and a Board Director Diploma, I have much to contribute.

As an executive mentor, I provide clarity and assist individuals who are going through a career or life change to make the correct decision for them on going forward.

My goal is also to create successful businesses with a direct impact on the lives of entrepreneurs, in particular those of women, which in turn will also help their families’ lives to flourish, their communities to prosper and the economy in their countries to grow.

Amali Mentorship Network, a non-profit program has been a great platform from which I validate my impactful advice on how to grow startups.

Venture Creation

Venture Acceleration

One-Day Consultation €500

The extensive 4-hour consultation session provides you with great value advice that is tailored to your industry to get the job done.
The one-day consultation is dedicated exclusively to you for the best impact on business whether in expanding your company’s capabilities, getting a new company venture off the ground, identifying difficulties, making suggestions of overcoming difficulties based on findings, assisting with the implementation of recommended solutions, assisting in solving similar arising challenges in the future, increasing the effectiveness of the company, increasing revenue, and expansion.
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One-Hour Consultation €150

The one-hour consultation session zooms in on the most pressing issue you require consultations on, offering you specific seasoned advice to move matters forward.
The one-hour consultation guarantees focused consultation tailored to your business needs, whether in overcoming an obstacle, increasing revenue or expansion.
For booking: Fill out the application form and make the payment to reserve your session.