SHeconomy Talks by The BCCG

In an event hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany, SHeconomy Virtual Talks, Rasha Oudeh was able to talk about her career and purpose in life. She not only discussed the obstacles she faced but also the light at the end of the tunnel that made her realize that her true purpose in life is to support other female entrepreneurs in their journey towards accomplishing their goals.

Watch the talk here.

Insight Success Magazine

Rasha Oudeh, from Jordan, was one of the keynote speakers in Berlin’s major economic forum, Global Female Leaders’ Summit 2018, who told her story of becoming a leader in a speech that has received a standing ovation by a crowd of executives, entrepreneurs, prominent academics, and leaders from all over the globe. By watching the video of Rasha’s speech in the summit, one can tell that she is one such proficient and prolific entrepreneur.
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Venture Magazine

OptiCancer is an electronic report made in Germany, after analyzing the biopsy of a cancer patient that considers individual differences in people’s genes, environments,and family history to define individual patterns of disease. It utilizes the newest and well established German capabilities and expertise which are available in the Frankfurt Innovation Center for Biotechnology “FIZ”. OptiCancer is an innovative project powered by CEDEM AG. In January 2017, CEDEM AG signed an agreement with FIZ to represent them in the MENA region. This is an attempt to move the most reputable German technologies “Precision Medicine” which are combined with the humanization of business to serve the communities of middle and low income by offering economical prices.
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Arabian Business Magazine

I believe in non-traditional ideas, growth is a continuous process, integral a successful development of any industry. Many people who I knew failed to fully understand the branding label concept cycle as it requires a lot of regulatory work and documentations in the ministries of health in the Middle-Eastern region. On the other hand many chain pharmacy owners and big distributors dream of selling their own brand and this is where we create magic and make dreams come true.

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Jordan Business Magazine

Every little girl dreams of growing up into a star, while every woman dreams of her childhood days. At 35 I am still a child who does not dream of growing,but keeps working on growing. The image of a little girl who could not draw her dreams because her family could not afford the luxury of oil colors or even coloring pencils, shall twinkle before my eyes forever. How could a child draw her colorful dreams without having a chance to own a coloring book and a coloring pack?
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Life in Frankfurt am Main Magazine

Wie Rudyard Kipling es einmal in seinem Werk „Ballade über Osten und Westen“ treffend bemerkte: „Osten ist Osten, und Westen ist Westen, sie kommen niemals zusammen“, gelingt es dennoch, die Verständigung der Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Kulturen herzustellen. Ein gutes Beispiel, dass es funktionieren kann, zeigt unser aktueller Gast – Rasha Oudeh – eine Unternehmerin aus Jordanien, die sich mit Tapferkeit und Zielstrebigkeit in einer für sie völlig neuen Welt der Pharmabranche in der Schweiz und Deutschland durchsetzt.
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