Reem Salem Embroidery Lab

Owner: Reem Salem

Reem Salem Embroidery Lab is a haven for creativity, specializing in handmade Brazilian embroidery. Enthusiasts converge to personalize clothes, accessories, and even furniture, crafting unique pieces that showcase the artistry of this intricate and vibrant embroidery technique.


HLA Boutique

Owner: Hala Khader

HLA Boutique caters to the diverse fashion needs of the Hijabi community with its exclusive collection of modest evening dresses. The store specializes in providing elegant and stylish options, ensuring that Hijabi women can confidently express their unique style while maintaining cultural and religious considerations.

Eco Fann Bilingual Website

Owner: Enas Radwan

Eco Fann is a bilingual website offering a rich resource on housing, covering interior and exterior designs, furnishings, recycling, renovation, and agriculture. It provides a diverse range of content through videos, photos, written explanations, and illustrations in both English and Arabic.


Fashion Lab

Owner: Buthaina Deeb

Fashion Lab is a specialized hub for fashion design and embroidery, offering dedicated spaces and tools for individuals in the industry. Beyond workspaces, it features training programs and marketing support to empower and facilitate those engaged in the field.

Yalla Arabic Linguistics Hub

Owners: Razan Jilani, Hanin Jilani and Nisreen Al Ali

An online linguistic center that is specialized in teaching the Arabic language, specifically the Jordanian dialect, for non-Arabic speakers. This project also aims to add a cultural flavor to the curriculum by teaching aspects of the Jordanian culture to students.

Finaa Football Academy

Owners: Zein Twal and Soleen Zoibi

Finaa is the pioneering Football Coaching Academy for young girls in the Middle East. It stands out for its emphasis on gender equality and empowering girls through sports, fostering a positive and inclusive environment for their athletic development and personal growth.


Al-Amal Dairy Products

Owner: Amal Shalabi

Al-Amal Farm is a dairy products factory committed to crafting traditional recipes in a modern approach, using fresh milk. Our range of preservative-free products ensures the finest quality, offering a delightful blend of tradition and contemporary taste.


iDeal Application

Owner: Lina Taybeh

iDeal is a cutting-edge mobile application offering exclusive discounts on premium clothing, leather goods, and household products. Elevate your shopping experience with unbeatable deals on upscale brands, all at your fingertips.


iOffers Application

Owner: Samah Ahmad

The iOffers application is a secure and free mobile application, offering customers unlimited coupons and exclusive offers on a variety of products and services. Downloadable on smartphones, it provides a user-friendly platform for both customers and vendors.


Physics Fun Website

Owner: Duha Saleh

Physics Fun is an Arabic website designed to foster knowledge exchange among Arabic speakers worldwide, focusing on physics. The platform offers training programs, lectures, videos, and articles to enhance understanding and contribute to the expansion of physics concepts in the Arabic language online.



Natasha Dahdaleh

Natasha, a 2008 graduate of Central Saint Martin’s, communicates her passions through art and music. Her works focus on memories and objects that hold personal significance, showcasing beauty in repetition, exemplified by her recurrent use of the butterfly and Islamic art patterns.



Hala Twal

Born in 1990 in Amman, Jordan, Hala is a sculptor and painter who earned her B.A. in fine arts/sculpting from the University of Jordan. Inspired by women, nature, and archaeology, she crafts sculptures with various materials and creates paintings and digital collage artworks, exploring the essence of women in their natural context.


Dina Malkawi

Born in 1988 in Amman, Jordan, Dina Malkawi earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from the University of Jordan in 2010. Specializing in oil painting and watercolor, she also explores mixed media on metal and paper. Dina’s art predominantly features human figures, capturing their essence and surroundings through vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes.



Haneen Shaheen

Hanin, an Arts educator with 12+ years’ experience, holds a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction and a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Jordan. Fascinated by pedagogies blending visuals and critical thinking, her art journey spans 3 exhibitions, transitioning from academic to abstract, fostering emotional communication through color-layered canvases.




Tina Omran

Jordanian painter Tina Omran, with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from the American University of Cairo, draws inspiration from nightmares, people, objects, landscapes, and abandoned places. Her work explores the interplay between innocence and evil through various characters, weaving intricate backstories and personal interpretations.


Morah Kulture Retail

Owner: Adedeji Adetutu

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, this retail business specializes in promoting and selling Adire, a traditional African dyed design. Embracing the rich heritage of Adire, the company offers unique and culturally significant pieces to its customers.


Idowu Catering Services

Owner: Idowu Awoyejo

Operating in event planning and catering services, this business based in Lagos, Nigeria specializes in organizing and planning various events, including birthdays and weddings. Additionally, it offers cooking services to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.